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Photos are subject to copyright protection (e.g. EU 2001/29/EG, Switzerland § 2f URG, Germany § 72 UrhG). It is irrelevant whether a copyright notice is attached or not.

azoom allows the publication of their photos in the internet, if a link to azoom.ch is placed next to every published picture.
For an individualized link, you can create one yourself for any desired keyword. This is anexample for all pictures with the keyword Disentis and only good quality: http://www.azoom.ch/fotos/suchergebnisse.php?quality=6+7&search=disentis

If you are not able to place a link next to the picture, pls. ask us for an agreement.

Competition Pilots

If you are reasonably identifiable, please ask me (martin@azoom.ch) to send you the high resolution data (pls. send me the small jpg without re-naming it before). You will get the copyright for private use, for your sponsors and for newspapers in your country. Never give a picture to a paraglider magazine or manufacturer without permission of azoom.

© Privat, persönliche Sponsoren, Zeitungen. Nicht für Gleitschirmmagazine und -Hersteller (denen möchte ich die Fotos selber geben). Bei Verwendung im Internet bitte einen Link zu www.azoom.ch machen.

Bitte sendet mir einen Link oder ein Foto oder so was, wenn ihr die Bilder verwendet. Danke :-)

Paraglider Magazines

Most of you have a login to our archive. To ensure that the same picture is not published twice in the same language area, usually only one magazine per language area has this login.

If you don't have a login: pls. request the high resolution data (send me the small jpg without re-naming it before). I will check with the other magazines and will send you the picture asap.

Paraglider Manufacturer

Pls. asks for the high resolution data (send me the small jpg without re-naming it before)


for use in sport news publications only, i will provide the picture for free.

Any other magazine

I am represented by the keystone agency. For direct sales, we bill 50% of published SAB prices.